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8 Tips to Prevent Migraines

8 Tips for Migraines
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Eight Foods For Optimal Brain Function

8 POWERFUL Foods for Optimal Brain Function!
Which are your favorites?

(source: — with James Howard, Marcus Howard, Sonia Robinson and Myesha Castillo.


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Vitamin and Mineral Absorption Chart: Did You Know?

Vitamin & Mineral Absorption Chart.
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Health Effects of Energy Drinks on Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

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*Drink water, freshly-pressed juice, freshly-blended smoothies, or make your own replenishing sports drink!

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7 Natural Pharmaceutical Counterparts

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Healing Herbs and Spices

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Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C- Why you need it, its uses, symptoms of deficiency, and its sources

(source: NutraPhoria) — with Samuel Yemaya Rios.

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