Meeting 2/10/2012

Dear Healthseeker 101 members:


We had our first meeting today and I am so excited.  Our activities:

  • We watched the video 23.5 hours on my BLOG (If you did not come, please watch it at home)
  • We discussed meal replacement options and discussed items I brought to class
  • We looked at the book “Simple Diet” and “Green Smoothies” and discussed pros and cons
  • We discussed our needs and wants for the class
  • We discussed our time until next class



Here are some things we want to work on for next time:


  • Get a journal (tip:  pick one you LOVE)
    • Page one:  Post a picture/photo of yourself that you really love
      • Under the picture state why you love this picture
  • Page two:  State how you feel about yourself today
  • Page three:  State what obstacles you experience between the two times in your life
  • Page four:  State one or more wellness goals for yourself for this year
  • Go to the class Blog “” and “follow” it so that you will receive updates automatically
  • Befriend me on Facebook so I can enroll you into a Facebook private class group for discussions and sharing


Here is what we will do next time:

  • Weigh in
    • We will weigh in in private and record the weight in our journals
    • We will then post to others in the next weeks how our weight develops (up/down/maintained)
    • Share our stories using our journals
    • Work out 30 minutes with walk aerobics


Until next time:

  • Review the BLOG
  • Connect with each other via Facebook
  • Gear yourself up for change and community



Until next time,


Your wellness instructor Christel


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